BAPTISMS:  These happy events are planned for by notifying the priest before the birth of the infant, so instructions can be arranged. Two evening sessions are given every six weeks or so. Parents must be careful to have at least one godparent who is a practising Catholic. The Church asks parents never to delay this Sacrament without good cause.  Parents must register with the Parish Office to attend a "baptism prep", a one hour talk by the pastor. Fee: $50.00.

WEDDINGS:  We prepare all couples who plan to marry in the Church. There is a seven week course that is a must, offered in many locations, and in our own parish twice a year on Thursday Evenings from 7:30 - 9:30 and once a year in the late spring on Wedneday evenings. Our next course will be offered in May. Six months notice should be given to the parish priest, and he should be contacted before any other arrangements are made.

FUNERALS:  Please call the parish office before making arrangement with the funeral home. Fee: $200.00. Please contact the Parish Office at 604-589-2448 or email as at