Our Lady La Vang

Our Lady of La VangThis statute represents the Blessed Mother under the title of “Our Lady of La Vang”. It was donated by our Vietnamese Families. She sits near the far right side niche between the 3rd & 4th Stations of the Cross. 
She is the official patroness of the Catholic Church of Vietnam, so declared by Pope John Paul II on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Mary’s apparitions. The story began back in the years 1789 to 1801, when the Catholic Church was being persecuted and the Vietnamese Catholics fled and hid in the jungles of the district of La Vang. During that time Our Lady appeared to these people to console them and to strengthen their faith to endure their sufferings. Mary invited the people to come and pray, and she promised them the grace of God for the sacrifices they made to do so. 
In the early 1900's a basilica was built at the site of the apparitions, which quickly became a major pilgrimage site. In 1972 the church was destroyed by the bombs of the communist army, except that the statue of Our Lady of La Vang was miraculously spared from destruction. The Holy Father intended to visit this site in 1999, but was refused by the Vietnamese government. 
Our Lady of La Vang continues to be an inspiration for those who suffer for their faith, and she continues to invite people to pray and make sacrifices for the love of their Faith. We are all encouraged to come to Mary, that she might draw us to her Immaculate Heart, and encourage us in our times of suffering to be united to the sufferings of Christ her Divine Son. 
Our Lady of La Vang, pray for us.