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PastorServe the Lord with a Joyful Heart!

The Bible teaches us that a Christian is a steward entrusted for a time with the good of the Master. While we are in the world, we received everything from God, even life itself, and are asked to make good use of what God has entrusted to us. We are invited by God to be good stewards of his gifts. (Luke 12:41-48)

True stewardship begins with gratitude and ends with responsibility. We recognize gratefully that everything in life is a gift of God. We do not ultimately own anything, but are entrusted with TIME, TALENT and TREASURE for use during our passage through this life. Deep stewardship means having our priorities straight. As disciples of Jesus we must be clear about what really matters in our brief life.

There are three sure ways of discovering what is really important in my life. The first is how I spend my money, the second is to examine how I spend my time and the third is how to take a look at how I use my God given talent. Time, talent and treasure are gifts that each of us has freely received, and which we need to use responsibly in a spirit of gratitude. If we do that, day by day until the day we are called to account, then we will experience the joyful serenity of deep stewardship.

Let us therefore, use our gifts of time, talent and treasure to serve and glorify God and build the kingdom of God in our parish.

Fr. Augustine Obiwumma